Cooperation with Latin America

The strengthening of S&T in different developing countries should be a shared responsibility at a regional and global levels of the relatively scientifically more developed ones, as is the case of Brazil. In fact, this is the official police of the Brazilian Government and the IM-AGIMB is much contributing to implement such a police in the area of mathematics, specially with respect to Latin America. With the relatively more developed countries in the region, joint research projects have been developed and conference have been organized by Brazilian and their colleagues from neighboring countries. Also in this case, tutorial missions of advanced level have been organized so that Brazilian mathematicians give courses abroad in research topics. With respect to other countries, tutorial missions at an introductory level are taking place consisting of courses given by Brazilian researchers to undergraduate students and the best of them are stimulated to pursue graduate courses in Brazilian institutions.

IM-AGIMB has been giving an important contribution to the expansion of the Brazilian scientific collaboration with mathematicians from several countries in Latin America: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, México, Peru, Uruguay e Venezuela. As planned in the original project of IM-AGIMB, two kinds of actions have been conceived and are being taking place to consolidate and up-grade substantially the cooperation of Brazilian mathematics with Latin America, as sketched above:

- Tutorial missions at an introductory level, directed to young undergraduate students of neighboring countries and advanced level tutorial missions, directed to advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers.
- Visits of Latin American researchers to Brazil to collaborate with local mathematicians in research projects and to participate in congresses, workshops and in Brazilian Post-Doctoral programs.

The specific activities were the following ones.

Tutorial missions at an introductory level:

  • Visit of Sergio Xavier Mendonça to Bolivia to present an introductory course in Differential Geiometry, in the period of June 31-July 31, 2002.
  • Invitation to Bolivian students to pursue Summer courses in the Fluminense Federal University from January 6-February 28, 2003. They were selected in introductory tutorial courses previously delivered in Bolivia by A.Hefez and S.Mendonça.
  • Participation of Abramo Hefez in the Bolivian Congress of Mathematicians, from August 25-29, 2003. On this occation, the joint activities for the following year were planned. He also gave a talk entitled "Diophantine equations from Fermat to Wiles".
  • Tutorial mission of Rafael Ruggiero to Venezuela to deliver a mini-course "Geodeisc Flows on surfaces" in the XVI Escola Venezuelana de Matematica, held in Merida from September 7-13, 2003.
  • Another joint activity of UFF and IM-AGIMB was the invitation to 15 Latin American students to take Summer courses in early 2004, at Fluminense Federal University There were 5 students from Bolivia, 6 from Chile, 2 from Colombia and 2 from Peru.
  • IM-AGIMB and the Latin American and Caribbean Mathematical Union - UMALCA organized a School from May 31-June 12, 2004, in Cochabamba, directed to undergraduate students from Bolivia and neighboring countries. Three courses were offered: Number Theory, by C.Moreira, Dynamical Systems, by B.S.Martin and Probability in Mathematical Economics, by L.Irineu, with the effective participation of 25 students, although many more informally attended the lectures.

Advanced Tutorial Missions:

  • Paulo Cezar P.Carvalho, Benar Svaiter, Claudia Sagastizabal, Luiz Velho, Mikhail Solodov visited IMCA to deliver advanced courses on optimization and computer graphics, in the period of October 6-17, 2003.
  • Hossein Movasati also visited IMCA to deliver a course in dynamical systems in the period of April 9-25, 2003.
  • Visits of Latin American researchers to Brazil to collaborate with local mathematicians in research projects and to participate in congresses, workshops and in Brazilian Post-Doctoral programs.

Scientific Visits:

  • Visit of Gonzalo Contreras, from CIMAT, Guanajuato, Mexico, from October 1-30, 2003, to the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul to work with Artur Lopes and to interact with Ph.D. students. Following that, he also visited the Federal University of Minas Gerais to work with Mario Jorge Dias Carneiro, Sonia Pinto e Silvie Ollifson. In both occasions, they developed research works in mechanics on Mather´s theory. In the first case, Ruy Exel of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, was also involved.
  • Visit of Wilfredo Sosa, to IMPA in the period of March 10-April 10, 2003 to work with the Optimization group (two recent articles in collaboration with A.Iusem: Sosa, Wilfredo Iterative algorithms for equilibrium problems. Optimization 52 (2003), no. 3, 301-316 e Sosa, Wilfredo New existence results for equilibrium problems. Nonlinear Anal. 52 (2003), no. 2, 621-635) and with the Optimization group of LNCC (a recent article in collaboration with Fernanda Raupp: A new approach to a multicriteria optimization problem. Numer. Algorithms 35 (2004), no. 2-4, 233-247).
  • Visit of Percy Fernandes to IMPA in the period of January 4-March 4, 2003, to participate in the Post-Doctoral Summer Program and work in foliations with finite automorphisms group in the projective space, with local complex dynamics researchers.
  • Visit of Pedro Ubilla to UNICAMP, in the periods of June 1-18 and November 15-30, 2003 to work with D.Figueiredo (UNICAMP), J.P.Gossez (Univ. Libre de Bruselles), J.M.Bezerra do O (Federal University of Paraiba) and Ph.D. students. This visit lead to the conclusion of research works. This collaboration also involves other mathematicians from different institutions in Chile and Brazil. Djairo Figueiredo delivered the key address a the course in the meeting COMCA, 2004, in Chile.
  • Visit of Juan Tirao from Univ. Cordoba to IMPA, in the period of July 2003, to work with J.Zubelli from IMPA, Alberto Grunbaum, UC, Berkeley and J.J. Duistermaat from Utrecht.
  • Visit of Alicia Dickenstein to the University of São Paulo - São Carlos in the period of February 2-20, 2004, to deliver a minicourse "Discriminants, resultants and multidimensional discriminants" and a conference in a meeting organized by A.Hefez, in the Fluminense Federal University.
  • Visits of Mario Wschebor, Ricardo Fraiman e Ernesto Mordecki, from Uruguay, to work with Pablo Ferrari and other probabilists from the University of São Paulo, under the projec "Networks, Trees, Complexity and Stochastic Matrices" in the periods of October 19-23, December 1-4, 2003 and January 26-30, 2004, respectively.
  • Visit of Roberto Markarian, from Uruguay, to IMPA in the period of November 15-30, 2003, to work on "Ergodicity in billards with stochastic perturbations" with Vladas Sidoravicius. The work is being concluded.

Participation in National Events:

  • Participation of Latin American mathematicians in IMPA´s Pos-Docotoral Summer program, in January and February, 2003.
  • Participation of four mathematicians from Latin America in the Congress Complex Analytic Methods in Dynamical Systems, held in IMPA in the period of August 25-29, 2003.
  • Participation of Uruguayan researchers and students in the XXIX Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications - VII Brazilian School on Probability, Angra dos Reis, August 3-9, 2003.
  • Moreover, there was an intense participation of Latin American researchers in the many scientific events promoted by IM-AGIMB in all areas of mathematics that the Institute comprises, according to the different reports.