Other Activities

Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics

  • Course on Optical Tweezers and Applications to Cell Biology
    (Topics in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics)

    H. Moyses Nussenzveig
    Second Semester 2002.

    The COPEA Optical Tweezers Laboratory just started to operate and the idea of the class is to learn together about the research oportunities.


    1. Optical Tweezers - what they are and how they work
    2. Mechanical forces in the cellular scale
    3. Mechanical Properties of Proteins
    4. Thermal forces and diffusion
    5. Chemical forces
    6. Polimer mechanics
    7. The citoskeleton
    8. Estruture of citoskeleton filaments
    9. Polimerization of filaments
    10. Force generation by filaments
    11. Structure and properties of motor proteins (molecular motors)
    12. ATP hydrolysis
    13. Molecular basis of muscular contraction
    14. Biomembranes
    15. Cellular motility

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    Dennis Bray, "Cell Movements", 2nd ed., Garland Publishing (2001).
    David Boal, "Mechanics of the Cell", Cambridge University Press (2002).