Dear Colleagues,

We have the pleasure to inform you about the activities of the Millennium Institute - Global and Integrated Advancement of Mathematics in Brazil and Contribution to the Region - IM-AGIMB that have been taking place in the last three years or so (since January, 2002). Its activities have a comprehensive character aiming at the global advancement of Mathematics and Applications in Brazil. It should also contribute to the enhancement of Mathematics in Latin America.

The Millennium Institute brings together in a comprehensive and yet coherent way many of the most active research groups in Brazilian institutions, such as the National Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics - IMPA, National Laboratory for Scientific Computation - LNCC, Center for Weather Forecast and Climatic Studies and National Institute for Space Research - CPTEC/INPE, Institute of Mathematic and Statistic - IME and Institute of Astronomy and Geophysic - IAG of the State University of São Paulo - USP, State University of Campinas - UNICAMP, State University of São Paulo at São Carlos - USP/São Carlos, Institute of Mathematic, Institute of Biophysic and COPPE of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro - PUC-Rio, University of Brasília - UnB and Federal Universities of Minas Gerais - UFMG, Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS, Santa Catarina - UFSC, Pernambuco - UFPe, Ceará - UFCe, Fluminense - UFF and São Carlos - IME/UNICAMP.

The activities planned focus on an intense collaboration of the research groups involved in this Virtual Institute of Excellence. The project sets a new step in the development of Brazilian Mathematics as a whole, in a much broader basis, emphasizing applications and the integration of Mathematics with other areas of Science and the productive sector. Also, the Institute sets a more vigorous action to improve mathematical instruction, diffusion of mathematics and the search for talents.

In the foremost front of applications are the areas of Modeling of Biological Systems, Climate and Weather Prediction, Petrol, Mathematical Economics and Finances and Optimization/Eletric Energy, with more predictable technological impacts as well as to the environment. Also of much social impact is the improvement of mathematical instruction. Another main objective is to give support to the emerging research centers, especially in the Northern, Northeastern and Center Western regions of Brazil such as Federal Universities of Amazonas, Pará, Maranhão, Paraíba, Alagoas, Bahia, Espírito Santo, Goiás, Campina Grande, Piauí and the Virtual Emerging Center formed by the Federal Universities of Viçosa, Ouro Preto, São João del Rei and Uberlândia and, in addition, the Federal University of Paraná. Much emphasis is given to the cooperation with Latin America, both to foster joint research projects and the organization of conferences and workshops, as well as to contribute to the upbringing of the high level human resources.

The following figure provides a global view of the areas of activities:


Thank you for all your cooperation that has allowed us to achieve the goals set for our Virtual Institute of Excellence.

Best regards,

Jacob Palis