Project´s Management and Interaction Between Participant Institution

The proposal integrates in a coordinated project very active groups of researchers from most of the main institutions in Brazil, including IMPA, LNCC, INPE-CPTEC, UNICAMP, I. Matemática e I. Biofísica da UF Rio de Janeiro, UF São Carlos, UF Minas Gerais, UF Rio Grande do Sul, IME- U São Paulo, USP São Carlos, PUC-Rio, UF Santa Catarina, UF Pernambuco, UF Ceará, UF Fluminense.

The expected contributions from each group, their interactions and the international exchanges and collaborations are described in part 2 of this proposal.

One of the main goals is to effectively support the consolidation of mathematical research and high quality mathematical education in emerging centers, especially in the North, Northeast, and Midwest regions of Brazil, such as UF Amazonas, UF Pará, UF Paraiba, UF Alagoas, UF Bahia, UF Espírito Santo, UF Goiás, UF Paraná.

The Institute will be coordinated by an executive committee formed by six to eight of the main researchers in the various areas of research. This committee will be responsible for the assignement of resources to the different activities, and for stimulating and coordinating the interaction between the different research groups.