Emerging Centers

One of the fundamental tasks of IM-AGIMB is to support consolidating high level quality research and teaching, specially at graduate level in emerging centers, here denoted "Centros em Desenvolvimento" in the Northern, Northeastern and Central region of Brazil.

The new concept presented here is that research groups in such Centers belong to the same Virtual Institute of Excellence that is associated to many of the more advanced groups in the country. This provides a great stimulus to the Brazilian mathematical community as a whole, in the sense of a global and integrated advance as suggested by the very name of the Institute.

Hence, the Emerging Centers can plan their activities every year, or even for longer periods, for instance visits of researchers from national institutions or from abroad, participation of their memebers in events and research activities in other national centers and the acquisition of a minimum amount of books for their libraries or computational equipment. CNPq scientific initiation scholarships have been provided to them via IM-AGIMB.

In the beginning of the Institute, January 2002, we had 9 Developing Centers. Now we have 12, and the last one in fact is a Virtual Developing Center with research groups from 4 different institutions. This gives an idea of the enthusiasm of these groups from the Northern, Northeastern and Central-West, together with that of Federal University of Paraná, towards the advancement of mathematics. The concrete result in this direction is that since the start of IM-AGIMB 4 of them had their M.Sc. programs officially accredited by CAPES.    Report

  • Federal University of Alagoas.     Report

  • Federal University of Amazonas.     Report

  • Federal University of Bahia.     Report

  • Federal University of Campina Grande.     Report

  • Federal University of Espírito Santo.     Report

  • Federal University of Goiás.     Report

  • Federal University of Maranhão.     Report

  • Federal University of Pará.     Report

  • Federal University of Paraíba.     Report

  • Federal University of Paraná.     Report

  • Federal University of Piauí.     Report

Newly added Virtual Emerging Center formed by:

  • Federal University of Viçosa.    

  • Federal University of Ouro Preto.    

  • Federal University of São João del Rei.    

  • Federal University of Uberlândia.